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Conflict of interest

Conflicts of interest shall be avoided in all cases. The Swedish Research Council for Sport Science has drawn up guidelines for members of the Scientific Review Groups and the Board of Directors.

Scientific Review Groups

Members of a Scientific Review Group (including the Chairperson) are not allowed to apply for grants and submit applications in the area, which the group evaluates. This is regardless of whether the member is the main applicant or co-applicant.

To avoid further conflicts of interest in the assessment, the member who has reported conflict of interest shall leave the room when the application is discussed. Any conflicts of interest shall also be noted in an official conflict of interest report.

Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors can apply for grants, but they must avoid conflict of interest at all costs. If members of the Board apply for funding, under no circumstances can they attend scientific review meetings, discussions or decision-making meetings, which have any relation to their own application. This is regardless of whether the Board member is the main applicant or a co-applicant.