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Change of administrating organisation

If you need to change to a different administrating organisation (for example, if you change employers), you must send a request to CIF. It is important that you send a request well in advance of the change.

The chief applicant and the current administrating organisation signs the form and send it to CIF together with a letter of support from the new administrating organisation.

When you change to a new administrating organisation, the current administrating organisation must submit a final financial report to us. Read more about it here.

CIF signs a new contract with the chief applicant at the new university from the date the chief applicant is employed or affiliated until the original availability period.

The chief applicant and Head of Department, or equivalent, must sign the form before you send it to us by email or by post: CIF, Box 5626, 114 86 Stockholm.

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Application form

Blankett för kontraktsändring
Marie Broholmer