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Calls for funding

The Swedish Research Council for Sport Science (Centrum för idrottsforskning, CIF) fund research and grant applications can be submitted from the end of June until mid-September every year.
The total sum to be distributed is approximately SEK 22 million.
Call for 2024
  • On-line application system opens: 22nd of June 2023
  • Deadline for submitting applications: 15th of September 2023, 5 PM (CET)
  • Grant award decision by CIF's board: 29th of November 2023
  • Publication of awarded grants at CIF's web: 30th November 2023
  • Extra: In the call for 2024, CIF allocates an additional SEK 1 million for funding of projects on: sports for individuals with disabilities

Swedish and English texts: Calls for funding

General information

CIF awards the following grants:

  • Project funding
  • Funding for post-doctoral researchers including funding for operating costs
  • Funding for associations, collaboration and networking

Applications should be written in English in the application system, submitted, and signed by BankID no later than 5 PM (CET) at the last day of application.

Terms and conditions

Sport science may include all areas of research and all applications must describe projects clearly relevant to sport. The application must state the reasons and considerations for studying women and/or men.

Applicants who have previously received project funding from CIF, and whose disposal period has ended, must submit final reports by the last day of application. This is also a requirement for applying for new funding.

Project funding

CIF grants applications for project grants up to SEK 500,000 per year. Grants are managed by the main applicant’s department, and an authorised representative from the university or college certifies that the research project can be carried out according to the project plan. The project should be planned, and the research carried out, during the year in which the application applies.

Research project can receive grants from CIF unlimited number of times.

Project grants can be used to cover operating costs, and salary for main applicant and other personnel in the project, including PhD-students.

Post-doctoral salaries for 2 years

The applicant must have completed the PhD during the last five-year period. The grant amounts to SEK 550,000 per year for a maximum of two years. Granted funding applies for one year at a time and can be extended by one year after handing in a report and submission of an application. In the first year, it is possible to apply for a grant of up to SEK 100,000 to cover operating costs in addition to salary..

Funding for associations, collaboration and networking

Grants of up to SEK 70 000 can be awarded a Swedish association/organization, or network, whose purpose is to provide opportunities for collaboration between researchers or networking between researchers and others involved in sports research. CIF appreciates both new and long-term constellations, and meeting places, for cooperations. The grant can be used for arranging conferences, seminars, or other similar forums, where the results of sports research are presented or discussed. The main applicant must have a PhD.

Decisions on funding

The final decisions on allocation of funding are made by the board in the end of Novemberand thereafter published on CIF’s website.

Grants are awarded on the condition that funds are allocated to CIF to at least the current extent.

Christine Dartsch Nilsson