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CIF uses peer review to assess the relevance to sport, and the scientific quality, of the projects described in the applications. Peer review involves well-qualified researchers within the same or nearby subject areas review the applications.

Scientific Review Panel

CIF has a scientific review panel consisting of twelve members. The members are appointed by the board after consultation with the Swedish Research Council. The review panel's task is to  review and assess the applications for research funding that are received by CIF each year.

Scientific Review Groups

The members of the review panel are divided into one of three review groups, depending on research subject. Each application is reviewed and assessed by all four members in the review group that agrees with the topic of the application.

External reviewers

Each application is assessed and reviewed by all four members of the respective review group unless there is a conflict of interest. If more than two of the members of a review group have reported conflict of interest, an external reviewer will be requested.

External reviewers are also engaged if the reviewers believe that they do not possess the necessary competence to assess and review an application.

Read about the members of the scientific review panel, and the review groups.


To avoid conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest must be avoided in all situations. CIF has drawn up guidelines for the members in the review panel and members of the board.

Members of Review Panel

Members of the review groups (including chairpersons) may not apply for grants within the subject area that they handle themselves. This applies regardless of whether he or she is the main applicant or co-applicant.

To avoid conflict of interest in an assessment process, a person who has reported a conflict of interest must leave the meeting when the case is being processed. All situations like this are recorded in a conflict of interest-protocol.

Board members

Members of the board are allowed to apply for funding of their own research, but avoiding conflict of interest is an absolute must. If a board member applies for a research grant, he or she can under no circumstances be present during preparation, discussion or decision of this application. This applies regardless of whether the board member is the main applicant or co-applicant.

Christine Dartsch Nilsson
Executive manager