Decision on research grants 2021

The Swedish Research Council for Sport Science (CIF) has made decisions on allocation of projects, postdocs, continuation of salaried positions and support to organisations and networks for the year 2021. Allocation is granted provided that CIF receives the same budget from the government as in 2020.

Download the list of approved grants 2021 (pdf, 500 kB)

Please note that only approved applications are included in the list.

Decisions, assessments and contracts

Projects and salaried positions

Decision letters and contracts are not sent by post, but you will receive an email from us with information and instructions about the grant decision. After receiving the email from us you can read decisions and statemements and print contracts in CIF’s digital application system.

Please note that only notice in CIF’s digital system guarantees that a grant has been approved.

Organisations and networks

Decision letters and contracts will be sent by post during the month of December.

Decision on grants for new postdoc positions

CIF’s board decided to grant three new postdocs. The postdocs and doctoral students that has previously been granted are listed in the pdf.

Mechanisms of adaptation in elite athletes – immune system function and tissue cross-talk

Stefan Markus Reitzner
Karolinska Institutet

Participants’ experiences of sport as a means of responding to social problems

David Ekholm
Linköpings universitet

Accessible eHealth-based prevention of sports injuries and illnesses for elite Para athletes

Kristina Fagher
Lunds universitet