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Approved grants

Allocation of projects, postdocs and support to organisations and networks for the year 2022 was decided by CIF's board on 30 November 2021.

Decision on research grants

Allocation takes place provided that CIF receives the same budget from the government as in 2021.

Information about assessments

Information on assessment as well as statements and access to any contracts will be available in CIF's digital application system shortly. Notice of when the system is opened with the decisions will be sent out to all applicants.

Post doc positions

CIF's board decided to grant four new postdocs. The ongoing postdocs are listed in the pdf of the approved grants.

Hanna Lindblom, Linköping University
Coach and player motivators for optimal use of injury prevention exercise programmes in sports

Anna Melin, Linnaeus University
Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (RED-S) Sweden

Cecilia Stenling, Umeå University
Towards new moral high grounds? Sport integrity instruments and their transformative effects

Victoria Wyckelsma, Karolinska Institute
Single-muscle fiber proteomics to uncover fiber-specific adaptations to training in men and women