Extension of disposal period

Project funds shall be administered by a Swedish academic institution and after expiry date, remaining funds which exceeds SEK 5,000 shall be reimbursed to the Swedish Research Council for Sport Science. Even for projects that are not completed or canceled, remaining funds will be repaid to CIF.

The Swedish Research Council for Sport Science states the period for which a grant is paid. The period is noted on the contract.

If the request relates to circumstances outside the control of the project leader which have prevented the project leader from performing their research, for example, parental leave or long-term illness, extension of the disposal period may be approved for another six months. The request should be submitted by the project leader before the last disposal date.

Download the form to apply for extension of disposal period (pdf, 73 kB)

The form must be signed by the chief applicant and sent to:

Centrum för idrottsforskning
Box 5626
114 86 Stockholm