Reports on completed projects

Applicants who have previously received project funding or have held a salaried position over a stipulated period of time, and where this period has expired, must have made their final report by 15 September 2021 at the latest. To be eligible for new funding for 2022, a final report and financial accounts must have been presented.

To report a completed project, the project leader must submit the following documents:

Financial account

The financial report will be submitted on a separate form that can be downloaded. The form is printed and completed by hand. The project leader and financial manager at the department must sign the financial report. The form is sent to the Swedish Research Council for Sport Science (CIF) by email

Remaining funds

Project funds shall be administered by a Swedish academic institution and after expiry date, remaining funds which exceeds SEK 5,000 shall be reimbursed to the Swedish Research Council for Sport Science. Even for projects that are not completed or canceled, remaining funds will be repaid to CIF.

Scientific report

The scientific report must be made in the digital application system.


Background and purpose (1 250 characters and spaces). Must be written in Swedish.

A short description of the theory and methodology of the study (1 250 characters). 

Results (2 500 characters)

Main results of the project.

How have the results contributed to the research front in the field? Describe in what way.

If you report a salaried position you should indicate whether you have been an associate professor or professor in connection with the grant period.

  • Describe your study in a way that anyone can understand.
  • This part of the final report is going to be published on our webbsite therefore it has to be written in Swedish.

Popular science summary (5 000 characters)


Is the project completed?

If not, is there anything left to do in the project? (1250 characters)

Pictures, tables and charts (attach as pdf)

It is not possible to enter figures, tables or diagrams in fields intended for text. Below the text field for preliminary results there is a link where you can upload a PDF containing figures, tables or diagrams along with short, written descriptions.

List five keywords


Please note that it is only those publications and presentations that are made within the period 2019-01-01 – 2021-06-30 (projects) or 2017-01-01 – 2021-06-30 (salaried positions) that are to be reported.


Specify only those publications that relate to the project concerned and where CIF funding is clearly specified. Enter the title, journal, volume and pages for every publication:

  • Peer-reviewed articles
  • Monographs
  • Peer-reviewed book chapters
  • Peer-reviewed contributions to conferences
  • Other scientific publications
  • Popular scientific articles
  • For post-doctoral researchers: List the articles included in your thesis, or the title of the monograph which made up your doctoral thesis.

Oral presentations

Specify only those presentations that relate to the project concerned and where CIF funding is clearly specified. Specify for each item title and conference or seminar:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars

Dissemination of results to sport (1250 characters)

For example, through collaboration with sport federations, associations, organizations for example SISU.

Sending in the report

When you have filled in all the fields go back to the first page and click on the words “Send in.”

You do not need to sign the final report with a bankId.


After the final report has been submitted, the Swedish Research Council for Sport Science are to read through the report and accept or request additional information. The result will be seen when you enter the application system.

Further questions

For more information contact the office at the Swedish Research Council for Sport Science:

Marie Broholmer, tel: +46(0)8 120 537 62,
Christine Dartsch Nilsson, tel: +46 (08) 120 537 60,